CALL FOR PAPERS, 2015 Annual Meeting of The Mongolia Society in Chicago, Illinois

The 2015 Annual Meeting of The Mongolia Society will be held in conjunction with the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) when it meets in Chicago, March 26-29, 2015.

Welcome to The Mongolia Society

The Mongolia Society was founded in late 1961 as a private, non-profit, non-political organization interested in promoting and furthering the study of Mongolia, its history, language, and culture. The aims of the Society are exclusively scholarly, educational, and charitable.

We publish Mongolian Studies: Journal of the Mongolia Society, Mongolia Survey, and two series entitled Special Papers (devoted to the republication of rare works in Mongolian or related languages) and Occasional Papers (scholarly studies). The Society has also printed and reprinted important dictionaries. One of the major obstacles encountered by Western students of Mongolia has been the difficulty in obtaining Mongolian publication on a regular basis. Since 1975, therefore, The Mongolia Society has been active in the importation and North American distribution of scholarly books and periodicals, as well as prints, slide transparencies, and recordings, from Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, and Buriatia.

During our more than forty years of existence , The Mongolia Society has become a center for information on Mongolia, as well as groups and institutions in China, Japan, and Europe.

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